Posted by: healingtheworkplace | July 29, 2008

E-mail Overload Causes Anxiety

I was reading the July 26th edition of the Vancouver Sun and this caught my eye… “Play nice in e-mail and avoid trouble…tips from the University of Victoria”.

I was reminded that E-mail is now “well into it’s second decade” but many people, especially in the workplace, have yet to learn “e-mail etiquette”.

Janice Johnson, co-director of the University of Victoria’s Information Technology Renewal Project, is hoping to “re-educate both faculty and staff about how to deal with and manage e-mail workloads”.

I’ll be interested to find out how UVic is going to measure this goal. Perhaps I will give Janice a call.

Further along in the same Vancouver Sun article we learn that the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business has a fellow researching the subject of technology and emotions.

This research is being conducted by assistant professor Robert Cenfetilli who writes,

One of the major downsides of e-mail remains the sheer volumes of messages that accumulate in in-boxes and the expectation that they ought to be read and replied to anywhere, anytime…

If you work in construction, you put your hammer down and go home…

The boundaries between work and home have become so blurred, that anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed are not uncommon among BlackBerry owners!

I don’t think that this will come as a surprise to anyone reading this post.

I wonder what else we can learn from construction workers?



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