Posted by: healingtheworkplace | December 6, 2008

Economic Crisis-Has Your Workplace Changed?

According to the experts we are now officially in an economic recession. Does this mean the end of the gains that were made in some of our workplaces over the past decade? Does this economic crisis give employers the right to cut wages, reduce benefits, and treat workers badly? NO! 

What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours (a great song by the way). For the past few years jobs have been plentiful and workers have had, if not the upper hand, then at least better negotiating power. Even fast food giants like Kentucky Fried Chicken have raised their minimum wage.

Many employers had to scramble to find creative ways to recruit and retain their employees. There were just too many jobs and not enough qualified people to fill all positions.

So, all of a sudden, things have changed, and employers are once again in the “driver’s seat”.

What does this mean for those people lucky enough to keep their jobs?

Have you noticed a difference in your workplace?

Experts are also predicting that the economy will start to improve around this time next year. Smart employers will think long term and work with their employees to “weather the current financial storm”.  Perhaps we are ready for a new employer/employee relationship???

What would that look like?

Enjoy your week!



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