Posted by: healingtheworkplace | December 13, 2008

You’re Fired

In the reality TV show the Apprentice, Donald Trump loved to say, “YOU’RE FIRED!” He loved the phrase so much he wanted to have it trademarked. Strange man.

Personally I don’t know anyone who has lost their job due to the recent economic mess that we have found ourselves in. Actually that’s not TRUE I do know of one fellow who lost his job.

Who’s to blame? I’m too polite to point fingers but we all know that corporate greed is part of the problem. Corporations like to point fingers at employees accusing them of wanting too much money (e.g. liveable wages) and employees love to point fingers at their employers. What did I say in my last post about finding a way to work together?

So, thousands of people have lost their jobs or will lose their jobs before the end of the winter. Two businesses have closed near where my brother Paul lives in Vernon. These were family businesses that employed a fair number of people. Small businesses like these haven’t a hope in you know what of receiving any kind of “bail out package”.

Losing one’s job is not the end of the world. I know because I was fired (without cause) a couple of years ago. In hindsight it was the best thing that could have happened but at the time I certainly didn’t think so. My “firing” came as a surprise to my colleagues and left a lot of people feeling angry and confused. Come to think of it I was feeling a bit that way myself.

There are many ways to “terminate” an employee or a whole group of them. Don’t you just love that phrase terminate? Who came up with that one? Anyway, if you are in a position in which you have to “terminate” someone here are a few tips from Your Workplace Magazine.

  • Provide people with options. If people are being let go without case provide them with options re how they will leave the organization. Don’t just escort them out the door like criminals.
  • Communicate to all members of the organization. Give them information about what is going on. Be honest!
  • When people are “terminated” make sure everyone knows how they contributed to the organization and how they will be missed. But only if this is true.
  • If you are in management be ready to answer questions. Those who are lucky enough to still be working will most likely have some questions about their colleague or colleagues who have been let go. The underlying question always is “Am I next?”
  • Encourage people to keep in touch!

In other words be human. Remember, we are all in this together!

Have a great week!


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