Posted by: healingtheworkplace | December 21, 2008

Build Trust by Reducing Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict! Most of us would prefer to avoid it. I know I would. BUT, conflict is a normal part of life and we are stuck with it.

Conflict occurs when there are differences–of opinions, needs, values, beliefs, goals, etc. etc.

These differences are not inherently bad, in fact, when ‘managed’ properly these differences can lead to increased creativity and better problem solving. Unfortunately, many leaders are ill equiped to deal with conflict in the workplace. Come to think of it most of us are ill equipped to deal with conflict in the workplace.

We would just as soon pretend it doesn’t exist which is understandable since conflict resolution takes time and energy and some skill.

BUT, if left unresolved it will fester and can take on a life of its own. If unresolved conflict will destroy trust, teamwork, communication, productivity and even careers.

So, what can we do? First of all we need to recognize the conflict. Then we need to resolve it or find someone who can.

All leaders need to develop good conflict resolution skills. In fact the world would be a better place if every single one of us had an understanding of conflict and how to deal with it effectively.

The Conflict Resolution Network in Australia has been set up to do just that. The philosophy of the CRN is this:

The resolution of world conflict does not lie only with governments. Everybody can support international peace endeavors. The Conflict Resolution Network is a peace program with daily relevance.

The conflict-resolving individual helps build an effective economic system. They build friendships and intimacy around them.

This organization provides a lot of excellent resources for FREE including training manuals, newsletters, posters and other tools that you can use immediately.

There is a lot of healing to be done and you are not alone!





  1. yes , how u said about conflict is rather a good , clear or more near to reality , thats so i fell . also i feel that the ultimate solution conflict ,(if viewed from angle u used to & from my view ), then real solutin of it will be nothing but best communication ,what i feel is biggest problem in whole world than any other one , so it comes in front as atleast a taken stape towards having real “communication ” . The next reality is that the reality that impossobility of everyonce’s bieng capable of understabding about ommunication , rether responsibility kind of quality in him/her leading to desire for result out of various options when conflicts occure.what u feels about this , please mailme .

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