Posted by: healingtheworkplace | January 31, 2009

Bad Vibes at Work

Hello again!

I’ve just been reading a book called “Trust Your Vibes at Work” by Sonia Choquette. Sonia is probably not someone you might think of approaching if you are having difficulties at work.

You see Sonia is a vibrational healer and spiritual teacher. 

Most of us will be familiar with the term “bad vibes” to describe the feelings we get when we are sensing that things aren’t right.

Sonia’s ideas are worth trying and sometimes we need to “think outside the box” when dealing with difficult people at work.

Sonia states that,

“one of the greatest challenges people in the workplace face is staving off bad vibes.”

Bad vibes can leave us feeling irritated, depressed, defensive and even leave us doubting our own value and ability.

The author of “Trust Your Vibes at Work” has the following suggestions for dealing with bad vibes when they show up:

1. Identify the problem. Bad vibes and the person who creates them are like the elephant in the room. Everyone knows what’s happening but no-one wants to acknowledge that the problem exists.

2. Admit that you are feeling negative and take conscious steps to turn this around. “Taking responsibility for the energy you bring to the workplace is the most proactive step you can take in assuring good vibes at work.”

But what if being positive isn’t enough and you are still feeling negative vibes?

As a coach I often recommend that people do an exercise to identify what they are tolerating in their lives. Tolerations are the things that we put up with on a day-to-day basis. These are things like:

  • gossip at work,
  • people taking things out of our office and not returning them
  • people borrowing money and not paying us back
  • co-workers not doing their fair share of work on a project
  • bosses taking credit for our work
  • watching someone get bullied and not speaking up…you get the idea!

We all tolerate things we shouldn’t. Sometimes it just isn’t important enough to say anything. Remember the old adage, “pick your battles”?

As children we are taught to make the best of what we’ve got in life and not complain. And as adults we find that it is just easier to leave things alone than to try and change something.

Of course there is a downside to all of this! Tolerating things we shouldn’t saps our energy and causes stress.

What can we do ? We can follow Sonia’s advice and take responsibility for our own energy BUT we can also do something to stop tolerating what we shouldn’t.

Try this exercise:

Make a list of ten things that you are tolerating at work. Now ask yourself these questions:

1. How much would my life improve if all the things I am tolerating were gone?

2. How am I benefiting by putting up with the things that I’m tolerating?

3. Ask yourself what is really getting in the way of addressing these things?

Finally, take one thing on your list and do something about it this week. Next week do something else. It won’t be long before your energy shifts and you notice those bad vibes less and less.

Let me know if this helps! Cheers, Lesley!



  1. What should one do if someone consistently feels a bad vibe off of a person. No matter how much I try to give that person a benefit of the doubt, I feel like I am suffocating when I am around them.

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