Posted by: healingtheworkplace | May 2, 2009

Environmental Values @ Work

Goodmorning! Today I’m going to switch gears and write about some exciting work that David Suzuki is doing to create healthy GREEN workplaces.

Healthy workplaces pay attention to the environment both within the workplace and within the larger environment or community.

Recent studies confirm what we’ve known for a long time–that people don’t leave their values at home when they go to work.

This is especially true of younger generations who are concerned about the environment and want to act on their beliefs.

“People are hungry to act on their environmental values at work.” David Suzuki, Spring, 2009

I am proud to say that David Suzuki is my neighbour: he doesn’t actually live next door to me but we do live in the same city. David is a scientist and a strong, vocal, advocate for saving our environment. 

Not only was David one of the FIRST scientists to sound the alarm about the dire state of our environment but he decided to do something concrete about it.

David created an organization to help us take action.

 The David Suzuki Foundation’s mission is to ”

“work through science and education to protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life, now and for future generations.”

So…what has this got to do with Healing the Workplace?


In the recent edition of “Finding Solutions” the newsletter of the David Suzuki Foundation I was excited to read about the Nature Challenge at Work.

Let me explain.

“The Nature Challenge @ Work will help you reduce your workplace’s environmental footprint and engage employees in building a more sustainable workplace.”

In order to help you do this The David Suzuki Foundation has created an amazing document to help you out.

 It’s called The Nature Challenge at Work and you can download a PDF copy from the website.

If you are still not convinced…a recent series of polls by show that Canadian employees care about making their workplaces GREEN! How much?

Given a choice 78% of those polled said that they would leave their current job in favour of a greener workplace AND people looking for work want to know a company’s environmental specs (values) before taking a job.

Neat eh?

Enjoy your weekend! Lesley


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