Posted by: healingtheworkplace | July 20, 2009

13 Ways to Leave Your Lousy Job!

Hello there, I thought I’d finish the post that I started yesterday. The following 13 ways to leave your lousy job (which I have modified slightly) come from an article written in 1999 by Jon Spayde:

1.  THINK BIG: You have a right to happiness and (this is what I tell my coaching clients) although big goals are hard work they have the power to motivate you to make big changes.

2.  BE PREPARED TO CREATE YOUR OWN JOB: This is the fun part! Creating your own job (aka self employment) may not be as difficult as it seems. I’m going to refer you to two books on the subject:

  • Creating You & Co: Learning to Think Like the CEO of Your Own Career by William Bridges and,
  • We Are All Self-Employed: The New Social Contract for Working in a Changing World by Cliff Hakim.

I’m not sure where you live but if you live in British Columbia there are lots of resources for people wanting to become self employed. Here are two that I have used:

Successful Contracting & Consulting. “Over a 10 day period SCC will teach you how to launch a consulting or contracting career”. The best part of all…if you are accepted into the program…it’s FREE!

Small Business B.C. This is a super site for anyone interested in starting a business or in growing a business. Lots of free stuff and cheap workshops and courses.

Finally, if you are eligible for Employment Insurance or have received Employement Insurance in the past 3 years you can apply for one of the Self Employment Programs (you’ll have to do your own research…try Googling Self Employment Programs in B.C.)

3. LIST YOUR TRUEST VALUES: Jon provides the following exercise:

Recall your life’s two or three best moments–when you did what you wanted and were utterly happy, at one with the cosmos, in the groove, fulfilled. Write them down in detail, on paper. These moments will give you clues as to what is really, really important to you…what you value most. What was it that made these moments so memorable???

4. LOOK OVER THE LIST DAILY: Put your list where you can see it or take it with you and read it often. It’s not actually a list but you get the gist.

5. TAP THE POWER OF IMAGES: Create a vision of your dreams. Create a vision board. You’ll find instructions on how to do this in the book The Secret.

6. MAKE FIRM COMMITMENTS: This is called self-accountability!

7. TAKE A SMALL STEP EVERYDAY: Here’s some advice from Jana Stanfield!

To reach a goal you’ve been dreaming of, break it down into the first three tinest steps. The steps have to be SO EASY that you couldn’t possibly fail at accomplishing them in your busiest week.

You don’t have to know exactly where you are going or how to get there.

When you get to the third baby step the next three will appear!

8. CULTIVATE CALM AND ACCEPTANCE: This is a direct quote from Jon…”this is worth a try for several reasons. First of all, a calm-as-possible approach to your less-than-perfect job, with an eye toward being of service to your colleagues, may change your mind about leaving in the first place. Not bloody likely? OK, then, it will minimize stress and conserve precious energey while you look for the next gig.”

9. CONVENE A WISE PERSONS GROUP: These groups are often called Master Mind Groups. You can find out how by googling mastermind groups OR you can purchase an ebook called The Magic of the Mastermind from Master Certified CoachTeresia.

10. INTERVIEW INTERESTING PEOPLE: Seek out people who are doing what you want to do and talk to them. I had an email this week from someone interested in the work that I do. It is VERY flattering. When you call people you can ask them the following:

  • how they got where they are today
  • what they like and don’t like about what they do
  • how they spend their day

OK…I think that’s enough for one day…I’ve got to go and do some vacuuming.  I’ll tell you the other ways to leave your lousy job tomorrow.

Hang in there! Lesley


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