Posted by: healingtheworkplace | August 7, 2009

The Truth About Trust In Business

Hello again,

It seems like everyone is writing about trust these days. It’s a hot topic for sure.

Today’s post is a review of a new book called, “The Truth About Trust In Business: How to Enrich the Bottom Line, Improve Retention, and Build Valuable Relationships for Success.”

The author, Vanessa Hall, hails from “down under”.  She writes…

“This book takes a practical approach to exploring trust and teaching companies what they need to do to build and maintain it across various aspects of business. It is filled with tips and guidance and real case studies to show you that it does really work.”

The book is divided into three main parts for easy reading:

Part 1: A review of the basics

Part 2: Examples (case studies) of issues around trust in the workplace

Part 3: How to assess trustworthiness

By writing this book Vanessa has provided a valuable contribution to our collective undersanding of trust in the workplace. The book is based on theory and on Vanessa’s experience of working with organizations in which trust is an issue. She also invites other experts to share their ideas and opinions as guest authors.

What I found most valuable is Vanessa’s model of trust which goes something like this:

Trust can be described as a structure made up of three brick walls. There is one wall on the left, another on the right and a wall across the top which supports the other two. These walls are made of brick.

The left wall consists of our expectations. The bricks in the right wall make up our needs and the bricks across the top reflect promises that were made to us.

Vanessa writes that every relationship or interaction is made up of needs, expectations and promises.

Building trust is really about three things:

  • managing people’s expectations of you, your business, and your products and services
  • meeting people’s needs
  • keeping your promises

I found the book interesting and easy to read and would be useful for anyone not just those of you working in the business world.

Oh, if you buy the book you can also access a number of free e-books including the following:

7 Truths About Trust That Every Leader Needs to Know and 7 Truths About Trust That Every Customer Service Person Needs to Know.


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