Posted by: healingtheworkplace | August 16, 2009

Collaborating in the Workplace: Learning from Generation X Leaders

Well here’s some interesting news!

Our future workplaces are in the hands of Generation X & Generation Y and guess what? After reading an article in Time magazine (May 25, 2009) I believe we will be ok.

Let me fill you in!

Future workers will need to be adept at collaborative decision-making involving team members scattered around the world!

According to the Time article entitled, “When Gen X Runs the Show”, these future leaders will need to “know how to motivate and reward people very different from themselves.”

And how do they learn how to do this?  Not by going to business school but by playing…Warcraft!

“World of Warcraft…an online game…offers a peek into the workplace of the future. The game…which many Gen X and Yers learned as teens, is intensely collaborative.”

Winning the game takes the same skill set that people will need in future to collaborate on work projects.

Who knew? L


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