Posted by: healingtheworkplace | September 7, 2009

18 Ways To Survive In Your Workplace

Hi there, happy labour day!

How many of you know the origins of this holiday?

Labour Day began in 1894 and is now celebrated all over the world.

Back in 1894 a group of tired workers appealed for a shorter work week. The emerging labour movement wanted to put an end to the 12-hour day!

Fast forward to 2009 and what do you see? Despite all of the gains that have been made on the labour front in the past century…the 12-hour day is once again becoming a norm.

If you have a job but are not happy at work  here are 18 ways to survive in your workplace. This list is from an article called, 18 Ways To Survive Your Company’s Reorganization, Takeover, Downsizing, or Other Major Change.”

Written by Dr. Morton C. Orman the original article is 8 pages long so I’ll just give you the highlights here:

  1. Be Prepared For Change
  2. It’s OK To Express Sadness, Loss, Anxiety About The Future
  3. Watch Out For Unrealistic Expectations
  4. Don’t Let Yourself Or Others Be Abused
  5. Acknowledge Any Increased Pressures, Demands, Or Workload
  6. Protect Your Leisure Time
  7. Don’t Ignore Your Family
  8. Don’t Turn to Alcohol, Drugs, Food Or Other Chemical Coping Strategies
  9. Remain Upbeat And Positive
  10. Get Creative
  11. Expand Your Value To The Company
  12. Celebrate Your Accomplishments
  13. See Appropriate Compensations Or Risk Share Arrangements
  14. Improve Lines of Communications
  15. Become More Efficient
  16. Learn From The Experiences Of Others
  17. Rise To The Challenge
  18. Never Become Complacent

Check out Dr. Orman’s website for more detailed information.



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