Posted by: healingtheworkplace | November 13, 2009

Reducing Work-Life Conflict

Hi there,

The interet is a wonderful place indeed. Earlier today I was reading Alive Magazine when I came across an interesting statistic about workplace stress:

“83% of Canadians report stress related to employment, including workload, wages, and job security.”

Being the curious person that I am I decided to do a Google search to see if I could find out more details, which led me to the Canadian Mental Health Association site.

This is a great site with lots of links to articles and reports.

One report which caught my eye was called, “Reducing Work-Life Conflict: What Works? What Doesn’t?” It was written by Dr. Chris Higgins, Dr. Linda Duxbury and Sean Lyons and funded by Health Canada.

The report was based on research involving 31, 000 employees across Canada.

According to Linda Duxbury, “More and more workers are finding it difficult to balance the roles of employee, parent, spouse, and eldercare giver.” This work-life conflict is taking its toll on workers, families and employers.

One thing that isn’t mentioned here is that many of these people also do community or service work and without them our communities would be in trouble.

The report looks at the roles and responsibilities of employees and employers and paints are rather negative picture of large employers in Canada.

“The majority of Canada’s largest employers cannot be considered to be best practice employers: Only about half of the employees who participated in this study were highly committed to their employer, satisfied with their job, and viewed their organization as an above average place to work. One in three rated high levels of stress and one in four were thinking of leaving their jobs.”

The report focused on four areas:

  • organizational interventions
  • individual coping strategies
  • family coping straties

How are you coping with work and family demands? What, if anything, is your organization doing to help you?



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