Posted by: healingtheworkplace | December 8, 2009

The Ultimate Workplace

Hi, are you curious about the “ultimate workplace”? 

Each year Profit Magazine features the fastest growing workplaces. These are workplaces that know how to attract and retain employees and they use a variety of ways to do this, for example:

  • flex time (not a new concept but a proven one)
  • creative opportunities to innovate (and reward people for doing so)
  • employ the 80/20 rule (this one borrowed from CQI?). This call centre business was concerned about employee burn-out (how nice) and so allowed employees to “spend20% of their time doing something different than their regular jobs…and it works…employee turnover dropped dramatically
  • trust your employees to know what they need to learn and then help them out financially
  • continually challenge employees so that they can develop new skills (have them learn and then teach someone else)
  • have fun (seriously)
  • hold a quarterly team building afternoon
  • let them have pie (also know as giving employees a piece of the company)

The feature article was about Wellington West Holdings, Inc. in Winnipeg.

Every employee at Wellington West is offered a share in the company. Check them out at

Their motto, “we remember it is better to be an owner than to be owned”.

The ultimate workplace indeed!!!

Cheers, Lesley



  1. Glad to see this site. We need to make WORK a different experience in our world. An act of creating meaning in our lives. A place of community that benefits individuals and the whole.

    • Hi and thanks for you feedback. I agree with you that work must be a place of community and a way to create meaning. Unfortunately those of us lucky/blessed to be able to have this experience are in the minority. Too many people are forced into work that is soul destroying. Lesley

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