Posted by: healingtheworkplace | March 30, 2010

Some Employment Laws That Might Surprise You!

Hi there!

Here’s the question of the week!

Do employees have rights in the workplace? The answer may surprise you.

In the Vancouver Sun this past weekend Howard Levitt tells us that employees are NOT entitled to the following:

  • paid stress leave
  • sick pay
  • paid breaks
  • cost of living raises
  • etc.

Levitt states,

“The true cause of low productivity are employer practices that encourage indolence. By capitulating to misplaced notions of democracy and other best practices, employers subordinate their business interests.”

Perhaps as a society we haven’t come as far as I’d thought we had. Perhaps I’ve been focusing too much on the other end of the spectrum…employers who provide benefits above and beyond what the law sets out. These are the employers who have seen productivity (and retention) improve by providing best practices in human resources.

For example, in the same newspaper there is an article by Caitlin Crawshaw. In this article Caitlin writes about workplace wellness programs that include financial education training for employees.

One end of the spectrum to the other. So, who’s right?

Talk soon,



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