Posted by: healingtheworkplace | April 26, 2011

Employee Bill of Rights


 Last week I wrote about democracy in the workplace. Today I’m going to stick my neck out further by introducing Steve Arneson’s Employee Bill of Rights.

Living in a democracy we take our rights for granted, for example:

  • The right to vote for our leaders
  • The right of free speech or expression
  • The right of to associate with whoever we want to
  • The right to practice our religion without persecution

We assume that when we walk into our places of work these rights continue to apply. They do but they are also limited or restricted to some extent.

Dr. Steve Arneson is a leadership coach and speaker. He writes about Employee Rights in the April edition of Leadership Excellence.  Although I like what he has to say I think it would be impossible to hold leaders and organizations accountable.

According to Dr. Arneson employees should be able to expect the following from their leaders:

1. Clear and compelling vision

2. Opportunity to participate in setting strategy

3. Timely and useful performance feedback

4. Opportunity to contribute ideas and innovation

5. Frequent, honest communication

6. Empowerment

7. Recognition for great performance

8. Career development

9. A workplace culture based on strong values and an emphasis on excellence

10. Respect as an individual

The bottom line? Improved leadership and organizational effectiveness.

How does your organization measure up?

If this concept is new to you Dr. Arneson suggests that you create your own bill of rights. Don’t forget to share it with your employees. And while you are at it have them talk about their own responsibilities for creating a healthy and productive workplace.


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