Posted by: healingtheworkplace | July 23, 2011

Resilient Organizations ARE Nimble Organizations

Hi! The other day I wrote about nimble organizations.  Today I came across the source of that concept!

 In 1998 Daryl R. Conner wrote a book called, “Leading at the Edge of Chaos: How to Create the Nimble Organization”.  What I remember most about Daryl Conner’s work in the 1990’s is that he coined the phrase the burning platform to describe what it takes to get people in organizations to change.

The burning platform is an interesting concept but today we’ll continue our focus on being nimble.

 So, what makes an organization nimble?

 “Nimbleness is the ability of an organization to consistently succeed in unpredictable, contested environments by implementing changes more efficiently and effectively than its competitors.  Nimbleness means more than just flexibility. It is a term that conveys speed, grace, dexterity, and resourcefulness, and it represents a significant competitive advantage.” Linda Hoopes & Mark Kelly

 Now here’s the link to resilience!

 “Nimble organizations tend to be populated with resilient people. Employees typically are resourceful, multi-skilled, highly motivated people who have a high tolerance for ambiguity, a desire to experiment a willingness to appropriately challenge authority, and a focus on the success of the entire enterprise.” Hoopes and Kelly

Leaders and managers in healthy organizations know this. They not only reward and encourage employees for being resilient in the face of change but they also support employees to develop these skills and abilities when they are struggling. 

 Linda Hoopes and Mark Kelly wrote, Managing Change with Personal Resilience: 21 Keys for Bouncing Back & Staying on Top in Turbulent Organizations.



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