Posted by: healingtheworkplace | August 31, 2011

Let Mojo Heal Your Workplace!

I was going to write about conflict and how speaking out at work, which can lead to conflict, is often the healthy thing to do.

A little exercise never hurt anyone!

But after reading an article about what entrepreneurs can learn from their pets I’ve decided to postpone the conflict discussion for another day.

The article was written by Rhonda Abrams and published in the September/October, 2011 issue of Costco Connection. Here’s what she has to
say about the advantages of having a dog-friendly work environment:

  •  Helps in recruitment (many organizations have discovered that allowing dogs at work provides an extra edge in attracting good
  • Helps in retaining employees (this is the flip side of the coin—once you’ve hired good people you don’t want to lose them)
  • Improves morale (dogs make people happy)
  • Makes it easier to work longer hours (workers don’t need to rush home to let Fido out for a walk—this is only healthy if longer hours don’t become a habit)
  • Creates connections (dogs help people to communicate—I
    don’t have a dog but I find it easier to talk to my neighbours when they are out walking their dogs)
  • Helps save dogs (if you adopt a dog from a shelter)

And then there are the values that dogs display: loyalty, patience, acceptance, perseverance and gratitude.

We can learn a lot from our canine friends!

So, how about you! Can you take your dog to work?

Woof Woof!


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