Posted by: healingtheworkplace | February 7, 2012

A Healthy Workplace It’s the Right Thing to Do!

Hello! I decided to write this post after receiving a comment from Kristi earlier in the week. Kristi wrote about her negative experience with a manager whose behavior was harmful and devalued her as a person.

Fortunately for Kristi she experienced this pathology up front and was able to stay clear of the organization that she had considered working for.

Most of us start work in a rose colored haze and are shocked when we are blindsided by abusive managers or abusive coworkers. We all want and expect to work in organizations that are characterized by mutual respect.

In fact, one definition of a healthy workplace is mutual respect!

There is a lot written about why it is important to create and maintain a healthy workplace:

  • It’s good for business
  • It’s good for communities, and, of course
  • It’s good for individuals and their families

But there is another reason that is perhaps even more important.

Creating healthy workplaces is the right thing to do!

Here is a direct quote from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Healthy Workplace Framework (2010):

“Every major religion and philosophy since the beginning of time has stressed the importance of a personal moral code to define interactions with others. The most basic of ethical principles deals with avoiding harm to others…creating a healthy workplace that does no harm to the mental or physical health, safety or well-being of workers is a moral imperative.”

Those of you who are in a leadership position, like the person referred to in Kristi’s comment, might also want to consider the benefit to yourself.

Think about it for a minute. By creating a healthy workplace and all that implies, you are also caring for yourself.

Need I say more? Lesley



  1. You want your employees perform best if you the business owner? You want to product best output and go at the top of the ladder as an employee? Well, maintain a healthy work environment and have passion for the work you do. You spend the most of the hour at your workplace (unless you are not working from home) so keeping it healthy worth it.

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