Posted by: healingtheworkplace | February 29, 2012

Pink Shirt Day – Stop Workplace Bullying

Hi, are you wearing pink today? I am!

I was interested in the statistics around workplace bullying in North America so I did a google search. I came up with the following article written by Ray Williams last September:

Workplace bullying has become a silent epidemic in North America, one that has huge hidden costs in terms of employee well being and productivity. Also known as psychological harassment or emotional abuse, bullying involves the conscious repeated effort to wound and seriously harm another person — not with violence, but with words and actions. Bullying damages the physical, emotional and mental health of the targeted person.

The workplace bully abuses power and endeavors to steal the target’s self-confidence. Bullies often involve others using tactics such as blaming the target for errors, unreasonable work demands, insults,  put downs, taking credit for the person’s work, threatening job loss and discounting accomplishments.

Bullying has become a serious problem in the workplace. In two surveys by the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) and Zogby International, where bullying was defined as “repeated mistreatment: sabotage by others that prevented work from getting done, verbal abuse, threatening conduct, intimidation and humiliation,” 35% of workers experienced bullying first hand, and 62% of the bullies were men. A Harris Interactive poll conducted in 2011 revealed that 34% of women reported being bullied in the workplace. The WBI concluded while perpetrators can be found in all ranks within organizations, the vast majority are bosses — managers, supervisors, and executives.

Thanks to Ray Williams of Vancouver, B.C. for this report.

Have you been bullied at work? Based on an informal poll of friends and colleagues workplace bullying really is a silent epidemic!



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