Posted by: healingtheworkplace | January 14, 2013

4 Quick Tips to Help You Beat Stress at Work!

Sometimes we find ourselves stressed out at work and we need to do something about it.

Here are a few ideas that I came across this week:

1. Make time during your day to stop and breathe!  Yale researchers find that chronic worry and depression actually shrinks your BRAIN! These researchers discovered a single genetic switch that appears to cut connections between neurons under prolonged stress. Without these connections, new genes can’t be expressed so the brain starts to shrink. YIKES!

And this decrease can lead to emotional and cognitive decline.  You can prevent this from happening by learning how to relax during the day. Try out this site for a quick and easy two-minute meditation:

2.Take a laugh break!  There are lots of funny websites and You Tube videos that you can look at when you need to take a laughter break. Let me know if you have a favorite one! By the way, looking at pets can improve your ability to concentrate by 44% so don’t feel guilty!

3. Sweat away stress…kick anxiety to the curb with cardio. A study by the University of Maryland shows workouts can have strong effects against worry. Carson Smith, researcher, found that a 30 minute gym session quelled anxiety levels better than simply sitting quietly and relaxing.  I think we need to find ways to do BOTH!

4. Drink water all day! Water hydrates your body and it is good for your MIND. Sometimes our anxious feelings are really a sign that we are dehydrated. Who knew?



  1. I’d like to add few more tips regarding stress management at work place:

    1. If you are working for a long hour, take small breaks in every 2 hours. Walk for 2-5 minutes to relax your body muscle.

    2. Listen to music when the mental pressure and work load is too high. Music is a proven cure for stress management.

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