Posted by: healingtheworkplace | April 29, 2013

Creating an Organizational Culture that Recognizes Employees

I have been accused of being a pack rat. This is especially true when it comes to the contents of my office as I am loath to throw out anything that I might have a future use for.

Recently I came across an email from Bernie Dyme which he sent to me in 2009. After re-reading the email I was curious to learn what Bernie was writing about today so I checked out his blog. Bernie’s blog focuses on the workplace so I wasn’t too surprised to discover that his latest posts focus on creating a culture of employee engagement.

Do you ever wonder why there is so much interest in employee engagement and if there is anything new that we can learn about a topic that has received so much attention in recent years?

We know that organizations which score high on employee engagement also have:

• Low turnover
• Reduced sick time
• Increased productivity
• Reduced stress
• Higher employee motivation

We also know that there is a direct link between employee engagement and employee recognition but according to a 2012 research study by Bersin and Associates most employee recognition programs miss the mark and are a huge waste of money.

In 2012, Josh Bersin, CEO of Bersin and Associates, commented that, “Today’s $46 billion market for recognition, with its focus on tenure-based programs, clearly is failing, and is out of sync with modern employment practices…87% of organizations reported that their programs are designed to recognize service or tenure. These programs do not meet the needs of today’s employees, nearly 70 percent of whom report they are recognized annually or not at all.”

Tenure-based recognition programs have been the “norm” in organizations for years. Most of us will be familiar with the annual long service recognition dinner or event that publicly acknowledges those people who have served the organization for five, ten, fifteen, twenty years or longer.

So if most recognition programs are not meeting the needs of today’s employees what should organizations being doing?

What do you think?


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