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Do You Set Boundaries At Work?

Do You Set Boundaries At Work?

Healthy Boundaries I

 I’ve struggled with setting boundaries all of my working life. It doesn’t help that I am a 5.1” female, an introvert and “soft-spoken”. So, when Charity Village sent me an invitation to a webinar on how to create healthy boundaries my curiosity was piqued. It seems that I am not alone in my ongoing struggle to set and maintain my personal boundaries. What I hadn’t thought of before, but I learned from presenter Sheena Greer, is that many of the problems we face in the modern workplace could be resolved if only we would all manage our boundaries.

What are personal boundaries and how do we go about setting them?

Personal boundaries are guidelines that we create to protect ourselves from being manipulated, used or violated by others. These boundaries (which are invisible) also allow us to separate who we are from the other people in our lives, when we need to set limits.

8 Reasons to Learn How to Set Limits at Work:

  1. Helps build strong, respectful relationships
  2. Increases productivity 
  3.  Builds accountability within the team
  4. Helps create shared goals and expectations
  5. Sets people at ease
  6.  Improves communication
  7.  Prevents workplace bullying
  8.  Minimizes misunderstandings

In addition to the 8 reasons above, which Sheena Greer provided in the webinar, I would like to add three more:

  1. Alleviates individual stress
  2. Reduces time off due to illness
  3. Increases confidence

All of us have boundary issues at some point in life. Saying yes when you really mean to say no, acting against your beliefs or values or staying quiet to keep the peace are just three examples.

In the workplace issues related to poor “boundary management” could be caused by,

  • Unclear job descriptions
  • Useless or unproductive meetings that waste people’s time
  • Poor leadership
  • Workplace bullying

This is a BIG topic so I’ll continue on in the next post and talk about what we can do to create our own personal boundaries and how we can maintain them in the long run.

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