Introduction to Blogging & Blog Etiquette

Welcome to the Healing the Workplace Blog! For those of you who are new to blogging here’s a quick overview and a few tips to help you get the most out of your blogging experience.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is about participation and interaction. A blog is a type of inter-active website. Blogging is what you do when you write content or comments and post them on a blog. These written posts then appear in reverse chronological order on a web page (blog).

The word blog is short for “web log” and it can take the form of an on-line journal or personal diary. Blogs come in all shapes and sizes. Some blogs are very simple containing only written text–other blogs may contain videos, photos, and podcasts.

Blogs enable us to contribute our ideas, learn from each other, share our opinions on topics that are of interest to us and provide us with the opportunity to participate in an on-line community.

The Healing the Workplace blog is a web-enabled conversation or dialogue authored by an individual who specializes in organizational change and organizational development. The primary purpose of this blog is to create a community with like-minded people to share:

  • ideas
  • experiences
  • thoughts
  • insights

Ready to Get Started?

Go to and start reading. When you are ready to make a comment, go to the “comments box” at the bottom of the post and type your comments in the box. It’s that simple!

Blog Frequency

This blog is updated regularly…usually once or twice a week. You can make comments as often as you like.

Length of Comments

Try to keep your comments short. Two hundred words or less is a good length.


If you know of a link related to this topic please include it with your comments.

Negative Comments

The point of Healing the Workplace Blog is to encourage thoughtful and well-intentioned discussion. Your comments won’t be deleted unless they are:

  • off topic
  • abusive
  • hateful toward others
  • include foul language


If you find that your comment hasn’t been posted it may have been erroneously flagged as spam. Your comments won’t be deleted or censored unless they fall into the negative comments category above.

Other Helpful Tips

Please don’t leave your email address, phone # or address in the comment box.

Please don’t include personal or private information about yourself. REMEMBER, a blog is a public forum and as such can be ready by ANYONE!


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